Sunday , 14 July 2024
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Protestors clash with Iranian police in East Kurdistan, 5 wounded

Thousands of Kurds protesting the killing of two kolbers (*) by Iranian army clashed with police in Bane, local sources reported.

Mass protests today in East Kurdistan cities followed the killing of two kolbers, Qadir Behrami (41) and Heyder Fereci (21) in Bane yesterday. Thousands gathered in front of Iranian government buildings and military garrisons in various cities in East Kurdistan.
Thousands of protestors staged a protest in front of towns military garrison where the soldiers who killed Behrami and Fereci are based. The protestors clashed with Iranian police and soldiers. Iranian helicopter continuously hovered above the protestors. Local sources report 5 protestors wounded and 10 detained by Iranian police.
Iranian army deployed hundreds of extra soldiers after popular initiatives called for action against the killing of kolbers. ANF sources say there is a military unit in every street of the city. Also, ill-treatment by Iranian soldiers against Kurdish artisans was reported.
Additional military units were deployed by Iranian army in Sine, Piransahr, Saqiz and Merivan.

Democratic Society Congress of East Kurdistan (KODAR) called for continuous action against the Iranian regime. “We support the demands of the people of Bane, Serdest and Merivan. We call all Kurds to support the people of Bane, Serdest and Merivan” the statement read.

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